Decor library has integrated with Xero to allow decorators and designers to work in one platform for their quoting, invoicing and purchase order needs.

This article focuses on how to get started with Xero in Decor library.

How to get started with Xero in Decor library

Step 01

After you login to to the application, you are able to go to your profile and connect to the Xero using the Account details tab.

Step 02

After clicking on the Connect to Xero button, you are able to view the login to the Xero prompt.

Step 03

You are asked to select the account for connecting with the application.

Step 04

After adding your credentials you are taken back to Decor library you will be able to see the following details in the settings that have come from Xero.

You are now able to see your organisation name, disconnect from Xero button, as well as the revenue account type, revenue tax rate, expense account, expense tax rate as settings that you will need to select that best represents the items you will need here. You can ask your bookkeeper or accountant if you are unsure which codes to use.

Step 05

You can now start to quote, invoice and create purchase orders using Xero.

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